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Dedicated crypto Strategies

Eliteras’ firm-wide approach to integrating crypto is first and foremost a risk-based approach, but we also provide solutions for clients that would like to pursue principles-based capital allocation through our dedicated crypto products. Eliteras’ long-term, scenario-based approach to value investing is particularly well-suited to the integration of crypto, which is essential in understanding risk-adjusted returns. Our International crypto products build on this value approach by combining risk-adjusted returns with principles-based capital allocation decisions

A Track Record of Success

Eliteras is an employee owned investment management firm with offices. We are value investors across the globe in both equity, crypto and fixed income asset classes. Founded in 1990, we have employed a rigorous fundamental research process that is the foundation of our success. Eliteras’ well resourced investment team manages assets on behalf of over 250 institutional clients.


Employee owned, directly aligns the firm with clients. Equity ownership plan designed to attract retain and motivate higly skilled people. Over half of employees are owners.

Active, Defensive, Value

All strategies have consistently utilized an income-oriented value discipline. Time-tesed investment philosophies, disciplined process, adapted to evolving market dynamics. Emphasis on capital preservation in difficult markets.

Broadly Diversified

A stable and diverse global client base consisting of corporations, public and private pension plans, endowments, foundations and individual investors utilising an array of strategies to meet their investment goals.

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